Event Details

Lineup for toy purchases from 5pm outside Laced on the sidewalk. We will number everybody who wants to purchase – the first round of sales are a maximum of 3 items (1 x per maker) then once everybody has had a chance to pick what they want we will take more enquiries after that. This is so that everybody who attends has a good chance to buy what they like on the night.

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Lottery information will be coming soon!

About Soft Vinyl Mayhem

Bad Teeth, Derrr Toys & Laced Brisbane are proud to present Australia’s first sofubi toy exhibit!

What is “sofubi”? The word is a Japanese nickname for soft vinyl toys – cute mascot characters from the 60s and monster toys from the 70s were some of the first toys to inspire the modern indie vinyl toy movement of today. These toys are made by craftsmen in Japan and are regarded as the world’s best grade of vinyl toy due to their process and care in making each toy by hand. Rather than being manufactured in a large factory as they would be in places like China, Japanese soft vinyl toys are normally made by “Mom & Pop” shops where there may be as little as two staff who have been working in the industry for 40 or 50 years. Some items for the event will be exclusive customs, blanks or micro run releases by the artists so make sure you’re there on the night to have first choice!